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What is the purpose of HOA Board Meetings?

As many of you may know, the Board of Directors are the governing body directing the Homeowners Associations. They are usually elected or appointed owners of the community. Frequently they must make important decisions that affect members of the community, and the way things operate. The board is required to hold meetings to discuss current business of the association. The meetings allow the Board to communicate effectively with members of the association and bring them up to speed of the latest news.

Members of the association are encouraged to attend regular meetings with the board. Attending the scheduled meetings on a regular basis with your HOA serves several important purposes as it helps keep the decision-making more open to owner’s needs. It also allows for homeowners to learn more about where the communities’ funds are being utilized and meet the members that form part of the Board. Below are some of the main reasons why HOA Board Meetings hold an important purpose.

Making Important Decisions

One of the main purposes of HOA Board meetings is to make important decisions. A well-organized meeting will have a detailed agenda focusing on current topics and projects that the community needs to address. The Board members come together during this time to discuss and make decisions in an orderly manner. Most items listed in the agenda require approval such as hiring a new landscaping company, transferring funds, updating the parking guidelines, or even replacing a monument sign.

To keep things fair during this decision process, voting is made, and the majority must agree to motion that decision. This allows for things to be kept fair and not show any favoritism towards a specific person. Everything that is discussed during the meeting and any decisions that are made must be topics that are included in the agenda for owners to review.

Provide Clarity

Open Board Meetings allow the Board to clarify policies and topics listed on the agenda as they are being discussed. This is a great opportunity as it can bring clarity to homeowners as sometimes policies can be misinterpreted or can be controversial. Making sure that topics from the agenda are being addressed clearly, concise, and accurately usually brings a positive response from the association.

During regular meetings an open forum can be added which gives residents the opportunity to speak, ask questions, or express their opinions. It is highly recommended if a homeowner has a topic, they would like to bring awareness too or to clear the air regarding an HOA related situation to do so during this time. It’s the ideal opportunity for members to clarify their individual opinions and reach a consensus if needed.

Bring Previous Discussions Together

Discussing old business and going over old minutes to make sure things are being completed is extremely important. As a board member you want to assure the community that items discussed previously are being taken care of and completed. This makes the association feel confident that the Board is working with management and fulfilling their duties. Meetings in general have a better flow and tend to be more successful when they are based on discussions that have already happened or a known topic instead of starting from scratch.

HOA Board meetings are set up to effectively communicate with the rest of the members of the association. The main purpose is to be able to make decisions, bring clarity to the owners, and show the status of completed or pending items that are happening in the community. Here at Alliance Association Management, we encourage homeowners to attend regular meetings with the board to stay up to date with the latest news of the association. Attending to meetings also allows homeowners to get familiar with other members of the association and get more involved with their community if the opportunity presents itself.

Learn more about HOA Meetings and the purpose behind them by contacting Alliance Association Management at or give us a call 951.412.1662.

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