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Homeowner Association- Common Areas

One of the many advantages of living in a Homeowners Association (HOA) Community is being able to have beautiful common areas such as parks, playgrounds, and pools. Common areas tend to be very popular for families to use for recreational time and connecting with other members of the community.

Here are some examples of popular amenities in HOA communities:

1. Fitness Center

2. Outdoor Recreation (parks, hiking or biking trails)

3. HOA Family Friendly Amenities (pools and playgrounds)

4. HOA Pet Friendly Amenities ( dog parks and animal wash centers)

5. Village Center or Club House

6. Picnic Tables & Barbecue Area

One of the benefits of having amenities and common areas in the community is adding to your property value. Potential buyers like having these options for their family to use and enjoy without having to leave their community. Homeowners decide to join communities that meet their wants, needs, and expectations. Over time, owners have come to expect HOAs to provide neighborhood amenities they can enjoy with family for years to come.

A part of the convenience HOA amenities provides residents with other benefits. Common areas are maintained by the HOA and is our job to make sure they are kept in pristine condition. This takes the stress from the homeowner having to maintain or install amenities to their own residence such as a pool or playground that are costly to install and maintain.

Alliance Association Management encourages all our communities to stay up to date on the Community Newsfeed, Management emails, Newsletters and to attend Board Meetings. This allows residents to have the latest news and updates regarding the community. Contact management if you have any questions or concerns regarding your community amenities.

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