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How to be an Active Member of your Homeowners Association

As a homeowner it is important to stay connected and up to date with events happening in your community. Being an active member of the association does not require you to be part of the Board of Directors but instead it can be as simple as attending meetings, community events, or even joining a committee. Here are some tips to become an active member of your homeowner’s association this year.

Attend Meetings

It is recommended for members to attend HOA Board meetings to stay connected and learn the latest business of the association. Important issues are discussed, as well as decisions are made that can have a big impact in the operations of the community. Homeowner associations rely on volunteers among the community members to become directors who oversee that everything runs smoothly. And because those directors may not know everything that goes on, especially in larger communities- they depend on individual members to keep them informed of issued that may be occurring on the grounds or items that are of concerns to members. This is why it is highly recommended for owners to attend meetings not only to learn the latest about the association but also play a part in the decision making if applicable, and voice opinions or concerns.

Participate in Community Events

A fun way to stay connected with your association is by attending community events. Homeowner associations can put together annual block parties, parades, and holiday gatherings to build a sense of community and promote socialization outside of just board meetings. This is a perfect opportunity to stay active and meet new people within your association. Owners are encouraged to contact their management group and see how they can help or volunteer during these events.

Join a committee

A great way to stay active is by joining a committee. Committees are appointed by or at the direction of the Board of Directors. For example, some HOAs have social committee’s that are generally in charge of planning community events and making sure that homeowners can socialize with other members of the community. Another common committee is Architectural Control Committee who is responsible for maintaining the community’s value and uniformity. They will review ACC applications and see if it complies with the architectural guidelines stated in the governing documents. To learn more about what committees are available in a community it is advised to contact management.

Meet & Greet

The easiest way a homeowner can stay active is by meeting and greeting neighbors. Introducing yourself when going on walks around the community and starting conversations. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your neighborhood and the people that live in your association. Another way of making friendly conversations is to attend community events and staying after meetings to socialize creates the opportunity to stay connected with other members of the association. Homeowners that stay active in their neighborhood help build a strong sense of community. To learn more about ways you can stay connected and active to your association contact Alliance Association Management today!

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