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How to Quickly Evaluate an Association Management Company in Southern California

Having the right association management team can have a huge impact on how things are run in your community. There are a variety of companies in Southern California that offer similar services which can present a difficulty task for Board Members. Here’s some quick things to look for when evaluating if an HOA management company is the right fit for your community.

What services do they offer?

Ask potential management companies what basic services they offer for their communities. First look that they offer the basics and then start to look for the services that set them apart. Do they offer monthly onsite landscape and compliance inspection walks? Do they have a 24-hour emergency response service for repairs and crime-related events? Do you have to pay for extra services or are they included, like an online website. Compare and contrast the differences that the HOA companies have and analyze which services would benefit your community the most.

What is their communication policy?

A top priority should be communication when considering a new management company. Associations should expect a response from management in under 24 hours for most situations and in case of an emergency immediately. Responding quickly to questions from board members and homeowners shows that your association is a priority to the management company. Look for HOA management firms that can articulate clearly with your community and have multiple forms of communication. Unfortunately, a lot of management firms are stuck in the past and don’t incorporate the use of technology to communicate faster and concisely. We find a lot of owners appreciate quick texts and emails.

How do they follow up and follow through?

Ask to learn more about their process in which they close the loop on communication and action items. Does the Management company have a clear system for work orders, violations, hearings, and closing out completed tasks? Knowing that there is a detailed process always ensures the association of every project’s status and prevents Board members from not knowing what is going on at the community.

Does the Association Manager have the experience & education to help your community thrive?

Not every manager will be the right fit for your community. Making sure that you’re your Association manager has the experience and education to council board members is extremely important. Ask to meet onsite or set up a call to ask them questions to learn if they are the right fit for your association. In addition to their background and certifications, ask to see if they have experience managing communities in your local area.

For any questions or more information regarding HOA Management contact Alliance Association Management today.

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